Electric Vehicle Charging Calculator USA

Plan your charge: estimate your electric car's charging time, rate, and cost
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What is it?

Electric Vehicle Charging Calculator is a handy tool to estimate charging time and cost for your electric vehicle. It supports various charging scenarios, including home charging, workplace charging, and public stations. With options for both AC and DC charging, it's versatile and user-friendly.

How to use it?

  1. Select your electric vehicle model
  2. Choose your charging type: slow (AC) charging for home or work, or fast (DC) charging for public stations.
  3. If using AC charging, you can pick your outlet type or manually set voltage and amperage. If using DC charging, you can choose the station type (e.g., CCS DC 150 kW) or adjust the station's output manually.
  4. Set your initial and desired state of charge (e.g., 20-80%), and enter the price you pay per kWh.
  5. Optionally, indicate the battery temperature (charging is slower when the car’s battery is too cold or too hot).
  6. See your personalized see your charging time, cost, and other details.