Electric Car Incentives Map

Click on the map below to see what incentives are available in your country.
More info on EV incentives in Europe — European Alternative Fuels Observatory.
Registration Tax
Ownership Tax
Company Tax

What is it?

It is an interactive electric vehicle incentives map of Europe. It accumulates all the information about current financial and non-financial incentives for lowering the cost of ownership of electric vehicles (also known as electric cars or EVs).

How to use it?

Simply click on a country to see what incentives are available. You can also select a particular type of incentives to see what countries offer it.

Types of incentives:

  • Purchase (tax credits, rebates or sales tax exemption for the purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle)
  • Registration tax (zero or reduced registration tax)
  • Ownership tax (zero or reduced circulation tax)
  • Company tax (reduced company car tax rates, tax benefits for businesses installing charging infrastructure and other)
  • Infrastructure (tax credits, grants and rebates for the purchase and installation of EV charging equipment)
  • Local (local incentives such as toll exemption, free parking, bus lane access and free charging)
  • Other

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