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A car shouldn’t cost like a spaceship or should it?
Who said I’m looking for a car? I'm really here by accident.
If there is no good electric car under $40,000, I am out.
I’m ready to pay extra for an electric powertrain, but my price ceiling is $80,000.
I don’t care about the car’s price as long as it’s electric.
Can you imagine your life without road trips?
I prefer to travel on my bike :)
I’m not a fan of long road trips, but occasionally I drive to visit my relatives and friends.
No way. If I had enough time, I would travel to the Moon and back at the wheel of my car.
I use my car mainly for city driving.
Do you dream of owning the quickest car on the road?
I don’t care about the car’s 0-60 time.
Yes, I do. The best or nothing.
Well, actually, I don’t. But I don’t want to own the slowest as well.
Slow and steady wins the race, okay?
The size matters, doesn’t it?
I never understood that 'mine is bigger than yours…' thing. I prefer lightweight and nimble cars.
Yes, when you have a large family (I do).
What really matters is the superb handling.
What really matters is the comfort.
Are you ready to wait for a few years for your perfect electric car to enter the market?
Just show me my perfect electric car and I’ll decide.
I love electric car concepts, even if they never reach production stage.
No, I want it right here right now!
I’m looking for a good pre-owned electric car.

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