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What is it?

It is an interactive chart, which comprises all the electric vehicles of the present, past and future. In addition, it provides tools for data visualization, filtering and comparisons.

How to use it?

  1. Simply choose the cars you want to compare or analyze the entire market. You have a whole set of filters at your disposal. Filter by body style, price, make, status, drive type and DC charging capability.
  2. Select the specs to be shown on each axis. The following options are available: Range, Battery pack capacity, Acceleration, Engine Power, Engine Torque, Efficiency, Max Charging Power (DC) and Curb Weight.
  3. Watch how different electric vehicles compare on your custom chart and discover interesting interrelations and trends. If you are interested in a particular car, you may conduct comprehensive research.
  4. Hover on a car to see more info. Click on it to go to the model page, which contains a detailed description, high-quality photos, video reviews, safety ratings and Disqus widget to share your opinion with other EV Compare users.

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