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Tesla model range timeline visualized

We have added a comprehensive timeline for all Tesla vehicles. It comprises all major and minor model updates and new feature rollouts.

What is it?

It is a simple table with all the events grouped by month. It helps to keep the records of Tesla progress over time. We regularly update the table with new information.

Model S timeline
Tesla Model S timeline.png
Model X timeline
Tesla Model X timeline.png
Model 3 timeline
Tesla Model 3 timeline.png

How to use it?

  1. Set up filters to see only the events you want to see. There are the following categories:
    • Make Event — general Tesla events related to all models
      Example: Tesla signs an agreement with Chinese authorities to build a factory in Shanghai.
    • Model News — important milestones for a particular model
      Example: Global sales of the Model S achieved the 100,000 unit milestone.
    • Model Minor Update — small interior and exterior changes
      Example: Tesla introduces black 21'' Arachnid wheels option for the Model S P100D.
    • Model Major Update — significant changes or new version introduction
      Example: Tesla unveils Model S 85D and P85D.
  2. Select an event from the table to see the details. Please note that not all the events have a detailed description.
In conclusion, we hope we have created a useful tool for spotting the difference between the vehicles with different production year and month.

Your feedback (questions, comments or suggestions) will be really appreciated.