A security-camera video of the Tesla Model 3 crash in Moscow on August 10.

According to the Tesla driver:
  • The autopilot was on;
  • The speed was 100 km/h (62 mph);
  • The driver was distracted for a moment before the crash;
  • He didn't notice the obstacle before the car hit it;
  • He didn't press the brakes;
  • The driver broke his leg in the crash;
  • The driver and his children managed to get out of the car safely;
  • The Tesla caught on fire after they got out;
  • The last update of the Model 3's software was in April;
  • The driver is not blaming Tesla for the accident.
As you can see:
  • The braking signals on the Tesla were on for 22 frames before the crash (approx. 3\4 of a second). So the Tesla collision avoidance kicked in;
  • The flatbed truck hit by Tesla on the left shoulder was obstructed by another car with hazard warning signals off.
We're in contact with the driver. If you have questions regarding this incident, feel free to mail us at: [email protected]

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