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Tesla Model S and Model X upgrade

What’s going on?

Tesla upgraded Model S and Model X. Here is the full list of improvements:

  1. New permanent magnet motors resulting in a longer range and greater power and torque.
  2. 200 kW Supercharging capability
  3. Upgraded air suspension system with fully-adaptive damping
  4. New wheel bearings and tire designs

New Model S versions:

$78,000 | 285mi (459km) | 4.0s 0-60mph (4.2s 0-100km/h)

$88,000 | 370mi (595km) | 3.7s 0-60mph (3.9s 0-100km/h)

$99,000 | 345mi (555km) | 2.4s 0-60mph (2.6s 0-100km/h)

New Model X versions:

$83,000 | 250mi (402km) | 4.6s 0-60mph (4.8s 0-100km/h)

$93,000 | 325mi (523km) | 4.4s 0-60mph (4.6s 0-100km/h)

$104,000 | 305mi (491km) | 2.7s 0-60mph (2.9s 0-100km/h)

The interior and exterior remained the same.
The Long Range versions are still using the same 100 kWh battery pack as 100D and P100D.
The Standard Range battery capacity hasn’t been disclosed but it should be around 80 kWh.

Tesla is offering free Ludicrous Mode (worth $20,000) to any existing Model S and Model X owners willing to upgrade to a new Model S or Model X.

All in all, good news for Tesla fans. All these changes will certainly revive the demand for Model S and X.
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